Natural Healing with Paida Lajin

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Are you suffering from a disease that even the doctors have proved futile? Or do you need natural healing? If yes then Paida Lajin is specifically for you and your loved ones. It is very cost effective and simple to perform as you will learn as you navigate through this article.

What are Paida and Lajin?

These are Chinese vocabulary. Pai means to pat, and Da is to slap. Paida therefore in Chinese means a self–healing technique that uses patting and hitting of the outer skin areas to draw out body thus restoring health. This process facilitates smooth Qi flow in the energy flow of the body.

La is to stretch, and Jin refers to ligaments and tendons. Therefore, Laijin means to pull and restore tendons and ligaments that have contractions, degeneration or atrophy. These contractions are significant contributors of most illnesses and aging.
Sha denotes bad blood in the body.
Qi refers to the flow of energy in the body.
Therefore, PaidaLajin Self-Healing practice that involves patting or slapping the outer parts of the skin and stretching your body muscles for maximum body healing. This practice is done naturally in a simple way preferably on a daily basis.


It is focused on the elimination of toxic body waste through patting and slapping. This practice originated from the ancient history and religion of China including the Buddhists and Taoists. The success of paida depends on the individual’s positivity and concentration during the practice by either self or for others plus the duration and intensity in the course practice.

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How and when is paida done?

You can do paida at any point of the day. You can, therefore, schedule to paida early morning, in the midday or even at night depending on your convenience.
Paida has no fixed duration of practice. The period depends on your physical condition and the intensity of the paida you want to do. It is advisable for the frail, the elderly, severely sick people and children to follow the correct paida procedure.

You should pat your body from head to foot daily or even twice a day for useful results. Concentrate on the head, shoulders, and armpits elbows and knees after at least two minutes each. If you suspect body abnormalities, pat these parts for long time up to 30 minutes. Slap the disease nidus intensively for a longer time and severally in a day.
If the infection is intense, pat the nidus for more than 30 minutes each time you paida. The severe illness should be slapped continuously especially after sha has appeared. The sickness will be cleared through this continued slapping.

People with severe illness like hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and cancer and are unable to lift their shoulders, pat top down from the head to the feet focusing on the knees, elbows feet, and the nidus. It should be done for at least three times a day and an hour each. Reduce the intensity and duration as the illness subsides.

It is challenging to have sha after several rounds of paida. Paida enhances blood circulation and keeps you physically feet and free from illness. The duration of paida varies depending on your condition. Do you have sha? The practice can be done on a daily basis to keep you healthy.


To Laijin is to stretch out and restore the contracted and degenerated ligaments and tendons. It is the simplest way of proactive management, and when correctly practiced, it can result in enhanced overall health. It cleanses vital energy channels — this cleansing results in a smooth flow of body energy (Qi). The results improve the healing of acute and chronic health conditions like diabetes, prostate disorders, gynecological disorders, pain caused by contractions ( Jin -Suo) and hypertension.

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Laijin Procedure

You need a customized Laijin bench, but you can use chairs as well. Align them then lie down on your back, place your hands stretched behind the head and kept them flat on the bench. Stretch your right leg against the pillar and bend the left leg down as much as possible to touch the floor.

Move your butt against the pillar keeping the raised leg flat against that pillar.
Do not move the legs outwards but instead, move the inner thighs closer together to maximize the intensity.

Remain in this position for about 20 minutes or more and then switch your legs as above.
Why is paida Laijin effective? It is based on natural body movements. The pain soreness, swelling pain, and numbness is a sign of poor blood circulation. Laijin in a gradual process can regulate this condition.

You can perform it on your own, and the time, duration and intensity are under your control. Make sure not to injure yourself. You can adjust your power depending on the pain and aches felt. These are signs of ailment. Older adults with severe illness and the beginners should practice with lower to medium to a higher intensity. The duration can also increase gradually. It makes the practice simple to perform.

It is very cheap to perform. The practiced does not need any medication. No money is required to perform paida Laijin. Laijin is useful for all kinds of illnesses ranging from blood pressure to cancer to diabetes. Body fatigue is also sorted out. Laijin is recommended for all kinds of people. The ladies, the men. Children and even the elderly can perform it. Beginners and people with a severe illness should increase the intensity and duration gradually.

Learning Self-Healing with Paida Lajin