Pailala Institute and Its Achievements

paida lajin self healing
Pailala Institute is a non –profit organization that is managed by non-paying volunteers that promote self-healing practices of Paida Laijin. The institution is lead by Mr. Hong Xiao. They aim to transform the world into a healthier place through self-healing awareness campaigns to make sure that everybody self-heals themselves. With fewer hospital intentions.

The institution has achieved more goals through its campaigns in the various parts of the world. They have established self-healing classes in Africa and California among other parts of the world. Pailala Institute through their leader has written several books on Amazon about their PaidaLaijin. They have scripted a video that you can watch online through their website.

This natural self-healing process has healed several people off many acute diseases including diabetes, hypertension, cancer among others. The testimonials are all over the internet and even on their website.

Learning Self-Healing with Paida Lajin