paida lajin beginners

Paida Lajin Tips for Beginners

Cautions and suggestions

Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to keep warm. Do not put on air-conditioned clothes for the pores are opened during the Laijin process. The chill may induce more disease. Make sure to ease the pain as much as possible to reduce further illness or injury.

People with acute illness should seek medical advice before starting Paida Laijin as it is not a medical treatment. People with porous bones like the sick and aged should to the practice and increase the intensity and duration gradually. Take all the necessary precautions in the process of Paida and Laijin.

Bottom Line

Paida Laijin is a natural self-healing process that originated from the ancient Taos of China. The practice involves patting the outer skin to clear illness and stretching the legs to facilitate the smooth flow of blood as blocked blood channels cause the diseases. The institution responsible for this campaign is called Paila. The process is very cheap and natural. In case you are feeling the signs of illness, Paida Laijin is the best step to take.