New Advances That Could Be On The Horizon

Modular micro data centers are likely to continue to advance in the future. This is likely to allow them to become even smaller. This will increase the level of convenience of using them. In addition to getting smaller, there will likely be continued advances in cloud technology. This will simplify the process of accessing data that is contained in the modular micro data center. In addition, the prices of modular micro data centers will likely become even more affordable, as time goes on. This will allow businesses to be able to store more data for less money.

Nanotechnology is also likely to be used for modular micro data centers, along with computer technology in general. In addition, the field of nanotechnology is one that is advancing by leaps and bounds. Some of the envisioned advances in the field of nanotechnology would allow for truly vast amounts of information to be stored on a truly minute amount of physical space. The reason for this is that nanotechnology works with a far smaller scale than traditional computing does.

In fact, it works with materials on a scale that is truly microscopic, even at the level of atoms and molecules. In fact, there has been a proposed data storage item on the market that would use nanotechnology to store 10 petabytes of information on a device that is only the size of a single disk. Ten petabytes is the same as 10,000 terabytes. By comparison, many desktop computers are able to store around 1 terabyte. Therefore, this is a data storage capacity comparable to that of 10,000 computers. It is difficult to estimate exactly what the price of this would be, but it has been estimated at merely 45 dollars per disk! The drive that would hold these disks could be less than 600 dollars!